40 Arrows a Day Challenge

Because I am extremely spacey and if I don’t write everything I need to do down or I’ll forget, I’ve been neglecting my bow and had only been getting on it once or twice a week.  With September looming near, that needed to change so I gave myself a “40 Arrows a Day” Challenge. Sling 40 arrows down the carport, that’s it.  It’s taken me anywhere from 10 mins to 30 mins to do depending on what I’m working on and how spacey I’m being.

I used to think that everything I do outside of work needed to be “fun” to make up for work.  With that mindset I was either quitting a lot or not progressing very much so now I look at exercise/training/shooting my bow as another job/task to do.  90% of the time even when I don’t want to do it at first, the task at hand becomes fun.  10% of the time it doesn’t and it feels hard and worse than getting through a long work day and gets frustrating.  But it’s those 10% of the time that challenge me and where I really grow.

I’m only on day 4 of my challenge, but my draw weight is already starting to feel a bit light and I should be able to increase by the weekend.  No idea what weight I’m pulling and honestly I’m not really concerned about it now.  I just need to keep flinging 40 arrows once a day.

not a glamorous picture, but 99.9% of my life is not glamorous lol.

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